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About Nook Farm Honey

The perfect place to enjoy life and make honey.

Nook Farm Honey™ is a small-scale producer of local Cumbrian wildflower honey and also sells speciality honeys. Helen Griggs, her husband Duncan, and their daughter Kate, keep their bees at Nook Farm and at other locations in the Bailey and Kielder Forest area of North Cumbria.

Since 2004

Nook Farm Honey has been producing the finest specialty honey for 14 years!

Nook Farm is idyllic, surrounded by wildflowers and unspoilt countryside. Traditional farming methods encourage the growth of Clover, Dandelion, Meadowsweet, Thistles, Willowherb and many other native species essential to honey bees.

The Honey Season

We have long Winters and short Summers, Spring starts with Hawthorn blossom and the end of the season comes with the flowering of Heather in the forests and on the fells.

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Happy Customers

I have kept bees on and off for 50 years, eaten tons of honey, from all over the world.
I have never ever tasted such superb honey as your bees make! Well done to them! Have downloaded an order form and am filling it in.
Best wishes,


new customer

Many thanks for providing me with such an excellent product to use as a guest item on my stall, it is the only one.
Very best wishes.


Our honey is stocked on over 40 locations throughout Cumbria. If you want to stock our honey please contact us.

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